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About 7 Kids Store Owner

Hello and welcome, Here is a little bit about me, I am a craft hoarder, addicted crafter, organizer, also a wife and mom to 7 kids, really! lol  I love crafting, is soothes the soul.  Before the crafting addiction began I was a homeschooling mom because I  wanted the best for my kids and our schools were becoming dangerous. After a few years into homeschooling, my kids did alot of their school work on their own so I started to craft, joining challenge groups and just had fun.  I sent out tons of homemade cards to relatives and then found mixed media, my love!  Crafting opened doors to future relationships and my ability to give a gift to others that made it so worthwhile.

This journey began back in 2014, I was on Tabitha's Design Team for a few years and then I had to quit while we relocated to the Black Hills in South Dakota. I was looking for work to help support us while my husbands business transitioned and when Tabitha decided to close her store, we made a deal and now I own the 7 Kids Store! Ironically the name reflects the amount of children I have, 7, with only 1 daughter, all those boys! lol  I never realized how this store would challenge me in many unexpected ways and then to encounter new amazing friends.  Continually thankful, Tabitha sold me her store, to continue her legacy with a touch of my own personality.  

My joy is to provide you with my personal best customer service while making available new crafting products to enhance your crafting abilities from all over the world.  I have a great crafting support system with my team and they help enable our addictions with their amazing work!  We have a challenge blog and 2 Facebook pages as well as Instagram and Twitter for you to engage with.  I welcome your questions and can give you personal shopping suggestions if you want it, I am a great enabler! lol

Please feel free to contact me at or 320-980-7128.

Every customer is a blessing to me, I hope you enjoy shopping in my store.

Kelly Neis




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