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Your Privacy

7 Kids your Crafting Supply Store is a Domain owned by Shopify.  7 Kids does not support or disclosing of any personal information from any customer, account holder, or visitor. 7 Kids does not have access to your personal information except what you enter into the store and the program apps added to the store.  7 Kids is not responsible for anyone outside of the online store to cyber attach and steal your information, Shopify encrypts and holds safe all of our information.  

7 Kids You Crafting Supply Store does follow the new GDPR from Europe. See  for further information.  It is your right to provide shipping information in order to recieve products from this store that you purchased.  All your monetary means in encrypt and none of yor personal information is shared. We abide by those rules.  Emails have been sent out for your protection and ours on 5/24/18.  

Please contact the store owner for anything else that you have a question about, Kelly Neis 320-980-7128




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