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Wild Orchid Crafts Mulberry Paper Wild Roses 30mm

Wild Orchid Crafts

  • $1.40

Wild Orchid Craft beautiful Wild roses are handmade from fine quality mulberry paper and measure 3cm (30mm) across the flower head. Each rose petal has subtle curves to give a very natural look. The flowers have a long, thin, bendy green wire stem that is 8-9 cm long. The Vintage Color is  sold in packets of 10 Wild Roses. The Purple mix color is sold in packages of 5 wild roses.  The Blue mix color is sold in package of 5 wild roses.

All of our mulberry paper flowers are handmade using natural, renewable resources. The flowers are all handmade by experienced crafts people using high quality materials and great care is taken to ensure that they are made to the highest standard. The production process does not involve using acid or other chemical additives.

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